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The best way to get your energy back

This instance the challenge was to illustrate an intangible concept: energy. And for the first time since I’m taking part in Illustration Friday contest, I can submit an illustration that’s part of a project I’m working on.

They want to know too much

Last week newspapers and Tv News were talking about how USA and Europe governments were spying on  each other and also how they  love to spy on  their own people. At first it seemed like only USA government was spying on Europe governments and citizens, and nobody knew it. One day after new informations  appeared and confirmed that Europe governments were doing the same and / or they were working together to spy on Europe citizens.

Would you want to know your future?

Needless to say, these are difficult times for many of us. And to know when ends a losing streak or what our future will be can be a big temptation. Therefore, in our country there are many television channels where 24 hours a day psychic readers supposedly can guess our future.

Are you ready to swim?

Go swimming at the pool is for many of us the most common and easiest way to swim. But getting ready to go swimming takes a few steps to ensure a pleasant and interesting time. This week’s topic in Illustration Friday is swim, and for this reason my illustration shows how strange it would be go to swim in a pool for someone who is not used to do it.

I’ve lost my eyeglasses. Where can I look?

All the people who need glasses know that sometimes these are hard to find. This week’s topic in Illustrations Friday is eye glasses and I’ve imagined how easier would be to find them if these were slightly larger. Here you have the illustration I’ve submitted.

Illustrating the concept of talent

Illustration Friday is a weekly drawing challenge and participatory art exhibit. Every Friday a new topic is posted and you have one week to come up with your own, unique interpretation. Anyone who likes to draw, paint, sculpt, doodle or color can participate. This week’s topic is talent.