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Be a knight, do it right

I have always liked knight movies. The knights are idealized characters: brave, agile,loyal and strong and most of them are men (as exception we’ve seen Éowyn in Lord of the Rings and more recently Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones). But the real life of a knight might not resemble much on what we see in the movies.

15 x 20 Collection

15 x 20 is one of the best known and standard measures used in the world of the printed picture. This was the starting point for our project: use this format to draw portraits in small format quickly. The view is always front and looking at viewer, as if the characters pose for the camera.

The base is always someone real: people we’ve met on the street, seen on TV or in a magazine, friends, etc.. The result is an extensive collection of illustrations that are a sample of the variety and richness that surrounds us.