All the people who need glasses know that sometimes these are hard to find. This week’s topic in Illustrations Friday is eye glasses and I’ve imagined how easier would be to find them if these were slightly larger. Here you have the illustration I’ve submitted.

But leaving our glasses behind can be a  frustrating habit. And, where do we lose our glasses? Perhaps by identifying some common places where glasses are left behind, it will be easier to find the next time we lose them:

  •  Buses or trains
  •  Airports and planes
  •  Hotels
  • Rental cars
  • Taxi cabs
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • The beach
  • Gyms
  • Libraries
Furthermore Wikihow help us with an article about how to find lost objects , a didactic explanation with simple steps. But If you really lose your eyeglasses very often maybe technology can be a good partner.
Take a look at these gadgets:

  1. FOFA Glasses Finder: where you left your specs, you can just grab any of your other FOFAs and push a  button. Your glasses FOFA will start beeping loudly, flashing a light and sending back the XD Proximity Detect radio beacon.
  2. EcoClear™ Magellan Slingshot from Optx 20/20® : feature an adjustable, retractable cord built into the temples. Adjust the cord from snug to keep them tight against the face, or lock them loose to wear around the neck.
  3. The Key Ringer : To use it, simply click the find button on any KeyRinger to find an item attached to any other KeyRinger. The missing KeyRinger responds immediately with a loud distinctive tone and a bright flashing light. Anyone can use the KeyRinger item finder to find missing items in just seconds.
Sometimes I lose my eyeglasses but sooner or later I find them and I have never tried any of these devices. And you, have you ever tried one of this gadgets? What do you do when you lose your glasses?