Illustration Friday is a weekly drawing challenge and participatory art exhibit. Every Friday a new topic is posted and you have one week to come up with your own, unique interpretation. Anyone who likes to draw, paint, sculpt, doodle or color can participate. This week’s topic is talent.

The  first thing I do when I participate in the weekly topics is to look up the meaning of word in a dictionary even though I think that I know what that means:

tal·ent  noun

  1.  a special natural ability or aptitude: a talent for drawing.
  2. a capacity for achievement or success; ability: young men of talent.
  3. a talented person: The cast includes many of the theater’s major talents.
  4. a group of persons with special ability: an exhibition of watercolors by the local talent
One interesting thing I’ve found is that the word’s history is related to money:


Origin: before 900; Middle English, Old English talente  < Latin talenta,  plural of talentum (sum of money) < Greek tálanton  balance,weight, monetary unit.


Obviously there lots of talent at any organization and leaders spend a lot of time talking about the importance of talent in today’s global economy.
But like Mike Myatt wrote:
  • more than 70 percent of employees don’t feel valued by their employers.
  • more than 60% don’t feel their career goals are aligned with the plans their employers have for them.
  • more than 30% believe they’ll be working someplace else inside of 12 months.
In this interesting article about unexpected talent departures Mike Myatt explain us why leaders are unable to keep their top talent for the long term:
“As with most things in the corporate world, there is too much process built upon theory and not nearly enough practice built on experience”.