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Be a knight, do it right

I have always liked knight movies. The knights are idealized characters: brave, agile,loyal and strong and most of them are men (as exception we’ve seen Éowyn in Lord of the Rings and more recently Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones). But the real life of a knight might not resemble much on what we see in the movies.

Sweet Easter illustration for back to work

We have been on vacations during Easter weekend. It has been time to take a rest and visit family and friends.

One thing  l love to do every year is to take a walk and look for cake shops with bright and colorfull windows shop. Every store have their style and speciality for making La Mona de Pasqua cake. Easter week in Catalonia would not be completed without La Mona de Pasqua cake.

Here is a sweet illustration of this Easter cake that I’ve drawn and you can purchase by clicking here.

I’ve lost my eyeglasses. Where can I look?

All the people who need glasses know that sometimes these are hard to find. This week’s topic in Illustrations Friday is eye glasses and I’ve imagined how easier would be to find them if these were slightly larger. Here you have the illustration I’ve submitted.

Microcosmos web store opening

Finally, the store is live! After a month and a half of hard work, we can open our online store.

When we create our online store, one of our goals had been to try to make the purchase process in a quick and easy way and also to give special importance to links to utilities (shipping cost, help, FAQ) that we think might be useful to many users.

We invite you to give it a look. We hope you like the new goods.

New Private Collection

Private collection consists of a series of illustrations that explain how we relate to our own image when we see ourselves in mirrors in our private spaces. The space around us complements the image we see of ourselves and add more meaning to the artwork. They are personal moments that everyone faces differently: with indifference, fun, attention, frustration, etc..

Microcosmos Store – Coming soon

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to open our store yet because of amount of work we’ve going on. I’s been difficult to find the time to get everything ready but it is coming together. This week we’re finishing testing, solving some problems and reviewing and writing last texts.