Go swimming at the pool is for many of us the most common and easiest way to swim. But getting ready to go swimming takes a few steps to ensure a pleasant and interesting time. This week’s topic in Illustration Friday is swim, and for this reason my illustration shows how strange it would be go to swim in a pool for someone who is not used to do it.

I’ve reviewed  how we  prepare and what rules and regulations we must follow before we can start swimming.  We can start with the list of what we need to swim:

  • A reasonably sized (waterproof suggested) bag to hold all your items.
  • Appropriate swimwear is required. Swimming in street clothes, underwear, cut-off jeans, or t-shirts is not permitted.
  • A good sized towel.
  • Swim cap and rubber flip-flops or water shoes are also required.

Now we have all the necessary equipment so we just have to follow the pool rules. Here’s a sample of some of them:

  1. You must take a shower before entering the pool.
  2. Bathers should not swim alone.
  3. Swim at your own risk.
  4. Jumping and diving into the pool are not allowed at any time.
  5. No bombing.
  6. The use of swimming aids, water toys, and flotation devices is prohibited.
  7. Spitting or splashing water is prohibited.
  8. No running, rough play, or excessive noise in the pool.
  9. Food or beverages are not allowed.

We can watch the pool now. The first step is choosing the right lane. We must take a few minutes to watch what is going on in the pool, and start thinking about which lane we are going to swim in today. Consider:

  • Lane Assignments: If  lanes are preassigned to fast, medium, and slow swimmers, step one is to figure out where we fit.
  • Number of Swimmers in a Lane: Assuming the lanes that we should swim is based on speed have no one in them, then it makes no difference which lane we choose. But, if one lane has a swimmer in it and one is empty, swim in the empty lane. Be ready to share it if needed, but don’t force the swimmer that got to the pool before we did share a lane if it is not necessary.
  • Speed and Skill Level: If the lanes we would use are occupied, watch how the swimmers in those lanes swim. Which swimmer or swimmers look like the best match for what we do when we swim? Which would interfere with we the least, and which would we interfere with the least?

Now that we have decided which lane we are going to use, it is time to start swimming and have fun!