About us

Microcosmos is a design studio based in Barcelona. Created by Gemma Oliveras together with JM Carballo, Microcosmos products are inspired by a mix of everyday life, humor and nostalgia.

Our collections feature Gemma’s designs which include hand-painted or digital illustrations to compose a multitude of styles to choose from.We take great care in choosing all of our stock and printing methods to ensure our designs come to life in a way that’s well made, beautiful, sustainable and durable.

Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning any project as we enjoy a challenge!

Who is Microcosmos?

Our Company Mission
Our goal is to create work that is beautiful, honest and rigorous. Solutions that are creative, educational and inspirational.We design with the believe that the process and the collaborations should be as exciting and fun as the end result.
The Microcosmos Philosophy
Work, work and more work.
The Microcosmos Promise
We draw all you can imagine.
We Can Deliver On Projects
We are small. We like it that way because it lets us work closet to our clients, be flexible and take care of every single detail in every step of the process. We are business managers, designers, developers, illustrators, and we all love what we do.

Our Skills

Passionate Curiosity 90%
Drawing and Sketching skills 95%
Graphic and Web Design 85%
PHP, HTML5 and CSS3 development 75%

Microcosmos Team

JM Carballo
JM CarballoDeveloper
Husband, Son and Uncle. Co-founder, developer and Systems manager of Micro- cosmos. These days, when he’s not writing code, JM spends most of his free time biking around the city and researching local history.
Gemma Oliveras
Gemma OliverasDesigner and illustrator
Gemma wears lots of different hats as a co-founder, designer and illustrator in Microcos- mos studio. When she’s not working and get’s a minute to herself, she’s rather fond of running, and people-watching (the stranger the better).
Other team members
Other team membersCollaborators and friends
We saved this space to thank those who have helped to make real this project. Some have advised us occasionally, others have given us wise advices and a few others have helped us to get up after falling. To all of them, thank you very much.